As the world develops, the number of people in the middle class increases and environmental concerns become more prevalent new technology is the key to ensuring we maintain our standard of living with a smaller impact on the planet.

This is where innovation potentially drives demand of key metals such as Copper and Zinc.

Major Factors Affecting Copper and Zinc Demand and Driving Innovation

  • The Asia region will consume 43% of world electricity demand by 2035
  • Absolute coal consumption in China has peaked
  • Global photovoltaic (solar) systems will reach 1800 GW by 2030
  • By 2030 China will have the world’s largest electric high-speed rail network surpassing 44,000km
  • Domestic electric buses will surpass 1 million in China by 2013 alone
  • Global electric vehicle market penetration could be as high as 50% by 2030
  • India announced a target of 100% electric vehicles by 2030 under a self-financed scheme to rapidly address pollution issues
  • Zinc-air battery technology becoming a viable alternative to lithium and cobalt
  • Rising prices of lithium and cobalt creating opportunities for more viable battery metals such as Zinc
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